About Us

"AE KLAVIERES" Ltd. is the official representative of Rchnisch GmbH in the Baltic States dealing with piano sales.
Our company offers new and used pianos:
- Steinwey & Sons
- C. Bechstein
- Bluthner
- Rōnisch
- Petrof
- Yamaha
- Zimmerman
- Geyer
- Rosler
- Rīga
- un citu firmu klavieres.

- In 1983 Edgars Kauķis became an apprentice at the Latvian State Philharmonic Piano Base with his father, piano master Gunārs Kauķis.

- 1985 Passes the piano tuning exam and starts working independently in Latvian music schools, educational institutions and culture houses.

- In 1990 , he was sent on a business trip to Germany to "Klavierhaus Klavins" for a successful job.

- 1991 Participates in the World Musical Instrument Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main as a piano tuner at KEMBLE, England.

- 1992 independently rebuilds instruments, resulting in a model with opposite bass and treble piano arrangements. Such a model was registered in the world under the name "Left hand positioning tool".

- 1993 On October 11, he was awarded the Latvian State Philharmonic Certificate as a piano expert-restorer.

- 1993 independently rebuilds the ancient piano mechanism into modern mechanics.

- 1994-2004 Practicing the use of different color shades in piano finishing. He also runs the piano restoration company Edgar Co, which specializes in restoring and marketing antique keyboards, using high-quality German-made materials.

- In 2004 , he is engaged in the Piano trade. Established contacts with companies such as: PEARL RIVER PIANO GROUP EUROPE (DE), KIRNSBERGER INTERNATIONALE (NL), RŌNISCH GMBH (DE, BLUTTHNER (DE)) and sustained violence to this day.
The company successfully developed its brand and opened a piano shop in Slokas street 37, Riga, but since 2005 the company has moved to new premises in Riga, 123 Maskavas street. Piano tuning and restoration works in Latvian music and culture institutions . Our company successfully cooperates with leading Latvian musicians.
In the wake of the economic crisis, the company reduced its purchase of new instruments and began to focus on the purchase of little-used instruments, which led to a partner in Sweden purchasing good-used little pianos.